When you and your family first get a new pet, it is such a thrilling and exciting time. You have been waiting for months to bring home your new friend, you have their food, their bed and everything you need to welcome home your new companion. While you may have made arrangements for your pet to visit a local training class or tracked the distance to the nearest local dog park for playtime, it is important that you schedule an introductory visit with the vet.

Bringing your pet to the vet soon after getting them is very important, as introducing your new furry friend to their vet and establishing a relationship is key to maintaining your pet’s lifelong health. This procedure is something that the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) calls the VCPR, for Veterinary-Client-Patient Relationship. This exists, according to AVMA, when “your veterinarian knows your pet well enough to be able to diagnose and treat any medical conditions your animal develops.”


The best way to make sure your pet has a proper relationship and is fully checked out is by visiting the office when the pet is young, not only to establish a relationship, but also to help the vet understand what is normal for your pet, and what the warning signs of potential illness may be. Even after a first time visit your pet needs to continue annual wellness visits with their vet to maintain health, even if they feel or act fine.

For your first visit: When visiting your vet for the first time, there are a few steps to take to ensure the visit goes as smoothly as possible. If you know exactly when you will be getting your furry friend, make sure to call in advance to schedule your appointment at a local vet, as most reputable veterinarians have busier schedules and you want to make sure the first visit works well with your schedule so that you don’t miss it.

It is also important to look into what the after hours services are, or find out where the nearest 24-hour vet is located, as many of the issues pets have are not during normal business hours.

While bringing home a new friend can be a very exciting and extremely rewarding time, getting the proper veterinary relationship in place can make a difference in the quality of life you and your pet experience together.