Our veterinary technicians are often the unsung heroes in veterinary medicine. To help give them some of the credit they are due, October 16-22 is Vet Tech Appreciation Week. Most people think techs pursue this career because they love playing with puppies and kittens, and they are not completely wrong 🙂

But the job entails so much more than that. While not all techs are certified, those who pursue certification undergo a rigorous education equivalent to an RN. They then need to sit for boards and keep up with continuing education to maintain their licenses.

Quite simply, we doctors would not be able to help our clients and their pets nearly as efficiently without our hardworking technicians. They: obtain and run lab samples, care for our hospitalized patients, monitor anesthesia, clean teeth, empty anal glands, clean ears, trim nails… the list goes on and on.

The techs have a vital role in helping us educate our clients about the various types of heartworm and flea/tick preventatives, about elective surgeries (spays, neuters, dental treatments), recommended vaccine protocols, and much more.

One responsibility that is obviously near and dear to me, is to keep the doctors safe. Part of our job requires we be in a pet’s face, or possibly feeling painful joints, abdomens, etc. We count on our techs to be prepared when these pets don’t appreciate what we may be doing, which of course, puts them at risk. They are there to help new puppies and kittens into the world during a c-section, and also there to hold your hand and lend a shoulder when we help our much-loved pets cross the Rainbow Bridge.

I know I speak for all the Drs. at Young’s Animal Hospital when I ask you to join me this week in giving a big shout of thanks to our techs!

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Interested in becoming a vet tech? Check out the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America to learn more.